January 23, 2017

This year I decided to skip on sales and instead of buying last season stuff that 
I don't need or won't be able to wear soon, I am saving my time 
and money for new collections. In the meantime, I give my oldies but goodies 
a second life. 

Since the heavy cold weather seems to be gone (fingers crossed), I dug out my beloved 
white culottes and put on my favourite colour combination.


January 15, 2017

The temperature during those first weeks of the year made me feel completely paralysed 
and I found myself very grateful for things like Netflix or wine;)

My creativity is highly dependable on weather conditions (no sun, no inspiration). 

If it wasn't for my latest velvet obsession and a surprise gift from one of my favourite jewellery
 designers, my brain would still be frozen right now.

Wearing: rett frem bracelet | Zara boots | H&M long shirt