May 21, 2017

Summer in the city is my favourite time of year, despite the heat and tourist wave.
 Once in a while I like to add some rustic vibes to mix things up a little and to experience 
the feeling of not wearing pants;) 
I have to admit, it's a strange feeling and it takes time to get used to, 
but once the summer breeze starts cooling my whole body, it's so liberating.

Wearing: FY:R dress | Ashley Childs Vega ring | Zara braided tote bag


May 15, 2017

Still Life collection by Kinga Kasińska, a young SAPU graduate, caught my eye during 
the last Cracow Fashion Week. This time, I had the pleasure to style one of her beautiful bags. 
A small, but powerful piece that made the whole outfit. 

The collection is very cohesive and all the pieces look great together, 
but they also look perfect on their own with your favourite day-to-day outfits. 
I hope I get a chance to show you more of Kinga Kasińska's designs. In the meantime,
you can check her collection (and more) on her official Facebook page.

P.S. On a totally different note, check out the shadow in the last photograph;)


May 6, 2017

The five: simple, comfort, modern, functional, individual. 

05/studio - a young Bulgarian brand that focuses on minimal underwear. 

Their design is so close to my everyday approach, that I decided to break my "no underwear feature" rule. 
Because it's more than just underwear. It's everything the five represent.


May 1, 2017


I'm not a shiny person so I don't wear shiny shoes very often. But when I do, 
it has to be balanced with something completely opposite. 
Enters hobo style sweater. 
Shiny look from head to toe is something I will probably never do, but mixing styles 
is the thing I do every day. 
So when ALDO sends me a pair of extremely comfortable metallic heels, I'm thinking wide pants, 
ripped sweater and a large tote.

Wearing: ALDO Pergine shoes | Kafoury tote | Zara sweater