July 30, 2016

Apparently I am addicted to turtlenecks. I've learnt to love them with time. 
They look so sophisticated and elegant. Especially when they don't look like typical turtlenecks. 

So I guess I have no choice but to say it one more time: it's all about the design:)

Rollick  Ziggy Stripe top || Boutique Minimalist rings


July 24, 2016

Design is everything to me. It has the power to turn a simple sweatshirt into a piece of art. 
Those simple, yet extraordinary lines bring casual to another level. Nothing makes me happier than
 the combination of amazing design, simplicity and comfort.


July 16, 2016

Added a little twist to my simple yet beautiful silk shirt. 

Turning basics into extraordinary things is one my favourite things. It's all about your imagination. 

As long as it doesn't get you fired, there are no limits:)


July 9, 2016

Summer makes me want to do crazy things. Like wearing a dress;) 
There are very few designs out there that meet my expectations: simplicity, quality and that one small
 detail that makes you want to put it on right away.

DRESSAP dress (SS 2016) | rett frem ring (urban collection) | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers


July 3, 2016

Here I am again, under the blue sky, with just a light dress and silver constellations on, hoping that 
the pictures speak for themselves...

...and wishing it was summer all year long:) 

rett frem necklace and leg bracelet (galaxy collection) | Mango dress