February 27, 2016

Have you already bought a pair of white sneakers and cool shades? If not, it's about time to get them.
They will go with almost every outfit you can think of. They are definite must-haves this summer.

If you have some extra cash, add a nice big watch to this set. The bigger, the better. 
Just keep it minimal and simple to avoid a rapper effect:) Just FYI, my DW watch is from a men's
 collection (they have bigger cases:).

To make it even more interesting, a pair of culottes will instantly make you look chic and trendy. 
You don't even have to try too much:)

Daniel Wellington watch | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers | Cheap Monday sunglasses | 
Zara culottes | Mango bag | H&M sweater


February 21, 2016

It's  been raining for a couple of days now and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop, so I had no
 choice but to shoot despite the weather conditions (that's why my hair is a mess).

BTW, shooting in the rain is not that fun when it's freezing. 

Since the winter has returned unexpectedly, some wool coat and turtle neck action is required. And when 
I'm not wearing black and white, I wear grey or navy. Mostly because all my winter gear is black or navy:)

My vintage coat is just perfect to be paired with a turtle neck (for an extra retro vibe). Lately, I haven't
 been able to find anything inspiring in the stores, so this vintage quality is quite refreshing. 

Also, in times like these, it's worth investing in a bag that matches every outfit or style. If you hate
 changing bags every day as much as I do, you'll know what I mean. It requires too much energy which I don't
 have right now due to lack of sun. 

That's why my black leather Zara bag is just irreplaceable right now. I'll probably change it when
 I finally get inspired or when the sun is back:)


February 14, 2016

I have always been afraid of wearing print. It's not exactly rocket science, but it's easy to overdo it. 
Especially when you have fair complexion, it may eat you alive (the print, I mean).

Normally, it's a risk I don't want to take. This shirt, though... 

Delicate navy check and golden buttons are simply irresistible and they can do no harm, 
even to my pale face.

And truth be told, considering the subtle print and beautiful details, it wasn't exactly much of a risk, was it?:)  

I promise I will try something bolder next time. In the meantime, I should warn you 
that you may see a lot of it:)