January 30, 2016

Sometimes I wonder whether street style was invented to create a new form of expressing yourself 
or as a way of dealing with 'I have nothing to wear' mornings;)

Street style gives you opportunity to mix it up depending on your mood or situation. You can wear 
almost everything with almost anything, even items you haven't worn for ages. You just need to move out 
of your comfort zone and get rid of fear of not being trendy. The street creates trends. 

Everything I wear on the photos above is something I dug out from my closet and that's either vintage
 or from last year's collections (apart from my Pola Zag ring which is still available online). 


January 23, 2016

We've already established that winter is not my favourite season:) During those last 2 weeks 
the temperature hasn't been kind to me at all. 

My wool/cashmere oversized sweater (which by the way was sold out right after I had published 
a post about it;) is literally a life saver. 

This week I finally found a perfect wool coat that I had been looking for since October last year (yep,
 I don't compromise when it comes to quality or design). This means my down jacket will finally 
get some rest.

So now I officially have a new favourite winter combo where simple design meets good quality. 


sweater - H&M (no longer available)
boots, bag and jeans - old collections / vintage:)