November 25, 2016

Wearing: Hieleven bag | MVMT sunglasses | Mango coat and sweater | Zara jeans 

This post was supposed to be about a coat, but it turned 
out to be about what happens when you take the coat off. 

Same outfit, two independent looks, two different vibes.

Strong winter sun made me feel like it's spring already 
and I decided to improvise (one more proof that 
I cannot function properly without the sun light).

It's amazing how exposing a couple of details and a change 
of location makes a difference.


November 13, 2016

It's such a delight when first snow this fall catches you by surprise during a photo shoot (sarcasm intended). 
You suddenly realize that the next couple of months will be just like that: cold, wet, foggy, 
unpredictable, depressing...

But looking at the bright side, at least I could test my new winter gear in difficult weather conditions:) 
And they all passed the test. 

My beige sweater kept me so warm that my hands were frozen only to the sleeve line:)
My gorgeous new bag turned out to be waterproof and, after some paper towel action, it looked 
like it had never been used before. 
And last but not least, my black marble watch - a ray of light in this gloomy weather. Once again, 
it's all about details. 

Wearing (available items are linked):

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers
Mango scarf


November 6, 2016

The best thing about modern basics is that they take so much from previous decades. We are not
limited to the same old skinny jeans or a simple t-shirt anymore. 

It's all about design, fabrics and details. The unusual form of each piece makes it so beautifully weird:)
 One can never look boring. Even in black jeans and grey sweatshirt.

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