October 30, 2016

If there's anything that I've learnt about winter season, it's that a tote bag is one of the essentials. 
The luxury of putting all my stuff into one bag and still have some space left for my huge scarf, 
gloves and everything else that gets taken off in the process of entering heated buildings is just irreplaceable.

And if there's anything that I've learnt about tote bags, it's that the quality goes a long way. After all, 
it has to survive all that stuff I put inside it:)

My newest leather addition combines Scandinavian simplicity and African craftsmanship. 
It's environmentally friendly as it's handmade of vegetable tanned leather from Ethiopia 
and Nigeria (you can read more about the production process and company philosophy here). 

And is there anything better than a combination of simplicity, quality and a good deed?

Wearing (available items are linked):
moyi moyi tote bag || H&M sweater || Zara boots


October 23, 2016

Some things are just meant to be together. Like my side band trousers and embossed leather boots. 
Or me and my vintage blazer. We have been inseparable for so many years that it breaks my heart 
whenever I see a tear in the lining.

Side band is definitely a thing this season. And it's definitely a good thing. It's fun, it's stylish 
and it makes my legs look longer.

All items (except for my vintage blazer) are available at Zara


October 16, 2016

As a great slow-living and minimalism philosophy fan I couldn't resist stocking up on 
slow-made knitwear this season.
I have to admit, it really makes a difference when you know that your sweater was made ethically and
 responsibly from the best quality natural fibres. Quality over quantity. Designed to last for years. 
(read more about it here)

If you want to try it out for the first time, knitwear is the right choice. It's one of those items
 where you can easily see the difference in terms of quality, texture and durability.

FRETT Slow-Made Knitwear || Zara boots and pants


October 10, 2016

A combination of coat and cardigan is such a stylish and casual alternative to coats (which, by the way, 
most times make me feel uncomfortable). Warm and comfy knitwear is always appreciated 
(as opposed to extreme layering which makes me even more uncomfortable than heavy coats).

The one I'm wearing is so light and cozy that it feels like a second skin. And it's not bulky
 so when it gets really cold you can throw a coat on it, too.

I hope you all managed to find perfect knitwear for this season. If not, stay tuned to see my choices.

Wearing (available items are linked):

Dezzal long cardigan | Mango boots | Zara top and pants