September 27, 2016

As annoying as having your hair all over your face can be, this is one of the few things I like about
autumn. One of many perks of a long bob hair style is that when that wind action happens,
it's like +100 to your coolness.

Another thing that I love about autumn: textured navy knitwear. The longer the sleeves, the better.

Throw a long geometric necklace on it and that's my version of autumn layering;)

H&M knitwear || Weathered Penny necklace || Mango boots (last season)


September 16, 2016

Is there anything better than putting together a beautiful dress with equally beautiful pants?! 
And by beautiful I mean minimal but one of a kind, simple yet intriguing, clean yet rich in texture. 
Since September is here, this type of layering is going to be my only way of wearing a dress;)


September 11, 2016

So I decided to say goodbye to summer with this baby blue shirt and white culottes. 

In case you ask about the location, I was going for a certain colour palette, and a proper ground for
 my vintage suede boots:) 

In fact, everything I'm wearing is vintage or last season (except for Gramerci Design cuff which is
 still available online). It's been one very hot September, so all my new fall goodies are useless for 
now. Couldn't be happier! 


September 4, 2016

I have to admit, those distressed jeans have been my go-to this summer.  I still can't get enough
 of them. I'm obsessed with its mom/male form, the colour and the fringed hem. 

This weeks' photoshoot is dedicated to texture:) Casual vs elegant, silky blouse vs distressed jeans, 
my new embossed leather boots with that amazingly weird heel vs delicate golden earrings for that
 final touch.  Welcome to my morning 'getting dressed' improv;)

Zara boots and blouse | Weathered Penny earrings