August 27, 2016

Black and white is definitely my comfort zone. While trying to keep it as far away as possible from
 boredom, it's the bell sleeve that comes to the rescue.

Hope you're enjoying the last weeks of summer!

H&M blouse | Zara shoes and culottes


August 21, 2016

I got inspired by my textured blazer and Witold Ceckiewicz book cover. I passed by his building so
 many times and I never noticed that majestic side wall. Stuff that I learn by fashion blogging...

As the summer comes to an end rather quickly, I started stocking up on some cool
 oversized blazers. If I get lucky (weather wise) I should be able to wear them until late October (!). 

Oh well, there's always next season.

Wearing Zara shoes and blazer (from the latest collection)


August 6, 2016

My new culottes (of a colour I am not able to specify with certitude) deserved some retro styling.
I don't apply filters or special effects in post-production, so I used 2 things while shooting: 
pastel wall and warm sunset light

Et voilĂ ! Perfect August vintage vibe.

Zara culottes || Mango top || Daniel Wellington watch