June 26, 2016

4 p.m., 35 degrees Celsius, hot sand burning my feet so much that I decided to risk ruining my mules
 (it will take a week to clean them from all the sand). But that's ok, it was all worth it. 

This ring was such an inspiration that I couldn't resist shooting in that location. The wind, the sun, 
long flowy shirt, quartz ring... A touch of Africa in the south of Poland;) 

A Weathered Penny Quartz Ring | H&M long shirt 


June 5, 2016

Lately I have been inspired by geometry.  Especially by all sorts of lines. If you're
 a monochrome addict, lines can save your look:)

By the way, you may have noticed I am abusing my new mules. I don't even feel guilty about that. 
Not only are they comfy but they also match every outfit I choose. 
They are my new white sneakers;)

Young Frankk necklace | Zara mules