March 19, 2016

Things are finally looking up weather-wise. I even dared to put on a dress and show some skin. 
And you should know I hardly ever do that:)

Honestly, I don't know why I have so few dresses. A therapist would probably say that I am afraid 
of being feminine due to some disturbing event in my past that I am not aware of:) But I just think 
I'd rather look interesting than pretty:)

That is why when I choose a dress, it has to be interesting, minimal and comfortable. I don't want to
 feel self-conscious all day long. I want to eat whatever I want without worrying that my dress will 
show it.  I want to sit comfortably:)

There are other ways of showing your femininity, like putting on killer boots:)

Mango dress | Zara coat | Mango boots  


  1. sukienka i buty są genialne:) też zastanawiałam się czy je kupić:))

    1. Dzięki! <3 Są super wygodne jak na taki obcas:)

  2. Amazing outfit and photoshoot dear! Loved this post!