March 31, 2016

My relationship with the city is complicated:) I guess I could say I love it as much as I hate it. I love
 that it gives so much to me and I hate that it takes away as much. It's a paradox actually, cause it gives and
takes away the same things: time, energy, space, people, inspiration... It's hard to keep balance. 

Enters minimalism. 

As you already noticed, I'm all about minimal design, minimal fashion and minimal style. I surround
myself with carefully selected, inspiring and beautiful things. There is no room for stuff that doesn't
inspire me, that is not creative or minimal. Even when it comes to jewellery. Especially when it
comes to jewellery. 

That is why I fell in love with the new handmade urban collection by rett frem. A collection inspired
 by industrial elements like sidewalk fences or barriers. I instantly felt connected to it to a point where
 I could almost feel the designer's energy in her creative process. That's exactly what my minimal
soul needs to keep balance and to never stop loving the city. 

rett frem ring | Zara blazer | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers | trousers and shirt are vintage


March 19, 2016

Things are finally looking up weather-wise. I even dared to put on a dress and show some skin. 
And you should know I hardly ever do that:)

Honestly, I don't know why I have so few dresses. A therapist would probably say that I am afraid 
of being feminine due to some disturbing event in my past that I am not aware of:) But I just think 
I'd rather look interesting than pretty:)

That is why when I choose a dress, it has to be interesting, minimal and comfortable. I don't want to
 feel self-conscious all day long. I want to eat whatever I want without worrying that my dress will 
show it.  I want to sit comfortably:)

There are other ways of showing your femininity, like putting on killer boots:)

Mango dress | Zara coat | Mango boots  


March 5, 2016

When I first saw this blouse, it instantly reminded me of a gorgeous photo of Cara Delevingne 
(check here).  How can one not buy it having seen that photo? 

Boyfriend jeans seemed like a perfect match. Normally, I wear them casually rolled up exposing 
my ankles, but this time it didn't quite add up. So I unrolled them:) 

At first I thought they looked weird but the more I stared at them, the more I liked 
that weird effect. After all, fashion is all about weird.

I guess what I am trying to say is: 
Thank you, Cara, for making me think outside the box! :)

Zara blouse |  Mango bag | Zara boots |  Jeans and bracelet are vintage