October 29, 2015

How to spice up your look in the middle of fall.

I was never a fan of leggings until I tried a leather pair on (faux leather to be clear). It turned out to be
a great alternative to leather pants. 

A pair of black leather leggings is one of those things that instantly make you look thinner and cooler.
As if you switched to a different mode or to a whole new personality.

The only rule you need to follow when wearing leather leggings is that it has to look tasteful.

That means:

1. Choose the right size (it cannot be too tight).

2.  Wear seamless underwear!

3.  Unless you have a perfect body, don't pair leggings with a crop top.

And if it's cold, put on a long oversized sweater and a pair of well-fitted leather boots
and you'll get a rocking fall outfit:)



October 3, 2015

How to add autumn vibes to your outfit with just one bag.

 Autumn hues are not my thing. Like every year, I won't be buying expensive sweaters or blouses in brown, green, red and whatever colour the falling leaves are. I stick to all my grey, black, white and navy clothes that I can actually use all year long, season after season. Instead of going for autumn trends I prefer to invest in good quality classics that will serve me a long time and that will give me many mix & match possibilities.

I do like adding a little bit of autumn vibes to my outfit, though, and I use accessories to achieve that.
One specific accessory, to be precise. A universal, timeless, classy and beautiful vintage leather camel bag

I absolutely love how practical yet elegant it is. Its vintage design with that "Paris in the sixties" quality is a kind of a time machine.

Even though it's a perfect autumn colour, this bag is a classic that never goes out of style. Not to mention, my simple monochrome outfits create a perfect background to it. That's all I need to survive cold weather with a smile on my face.