September 27, 2015

How to layer grey and not look boring.

At first I wanted to title this post "Shades of grey", but then I figured it might attract the wrong kind of attention:) I haven't read the book, I haven't watched the movie and I probably won't. But I am grateful for one thing: ever since that book came out, grey doesn't seem so boring, does it?
Well... at least the word grey:)

Grey (the colour) goes with almost everything and for almost every occasion. Maybe that's why it is considered the safest colour. Maybe that's why most of us have a closet full of grey clothes. The problem begins when all of those items look the same. Boredom! It's easy to disappear.
That's why I dare to say, grey is one of the most difficult colours to wear.

If your closet is full of grey clothes, no need to panic. Here are a couple of things you can try out to pull off a grey outfit and not look like mr. nobody (just don't apply all of them at the same time cause you may overdo it):

1. Play with texture. Combine cotton with wool, silk, leather and whatever you can find...

2. Mix different shades and patterns.

3. Mix lengths (short top layered with a long blazer or jacket and vice versa).

4. If possible, break it with black or white (I'm sure you have something like that in your closet). It can be a white t-shirt or black socks.

5. Accessorize. If you can't fulfil any of the above points, go bold with accessories (that also means shoes and bag).

6. Apply a nice bold lipstick (but not a black or blue one).

7. Wash your hair before leaving home (!). It's really hard to pull off a grey outfit with greasy hair;)

And don't force yourself into buying colourful clothes.  Just make sure that every time you buy a grey piece of clothing, it's different from what you already have.